As a Certified Profit Coach, my approach is driven by results, but grounded in integrity and character. I prioritize active listening to fully understand my clients' challenges, so I can offer tailored solutions. One of my core strengths is closing deals, which involves generating leads and converting them into paying clients. Additionally, I excel at fostering employee satisfaction and building strong teams and have received recognition for these skills. My professional background spans the finance and energy industries. I was previously ranked as one of the Top 25 global producers in the financial services field early in my career and have held leadership positions such as VP of a $60 billion gas and electric utility, and Global EVP of Business Development for a fast-growing international LED lighting manufacturer. Since 2006, I have served as president of an NGO in Haiti, where we operate schools with over 1,500 students, helped launch more than 130 businesses, and provided medical care to over 220 mothers and their babies last year. Audience members of my keynote talks often remember my mantra: "I never lose...I either win or I learn!" My ultimate goal in working with clients is to help them achieve their business objectives while also strengthening their family relationships and community impact.
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